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Tumblrette Aja | chokesngags.tumblr.com


    Tumblrette Aja | chokesngags.tumblr.com

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    the best 


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    Happy 50th Bornday to the fav, Rosie Perez!

    Wait, in what alternate universe is Rosie Perez 50 years old?! Wow!

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  4. deathwingstolemyepicz:

    do you want to cuddle and play video games all night?

    a) yes
    b) a
    c) b

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  5. do-not-touch-my-food:

Mexican Cheese Stuffed Burgers
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  6. theultraintrovert:

    see what happens when yall wannabe “niggas” start posing lml

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    be like water my friend~

    Bruce Fucking Lee

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  10. Nah, her titties sagging. I’m good.
    A childish nigga who ain’t seen enough titties to speak effectively on them (via thefatgawd)
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